Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack - STEAM Key ROW

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack - STEAM Key ROW
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После оплаты товара, Вы МГНОВЕННО получите ключ ДЛЯ АКТИВАЦИИ Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack в STEAM! ( Region Free/без региональных ограничений )

Внимание! Игра Killing Floor уже должна быть установлена до активации ключа. Ключ дает только бонусный контент: Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack и НЕ дает саму игру!

About: Straight from the talented community modders of the IJC crew comes the first DLC weapon pack for Killing Floor. Featuring a diverse set of new weapons the Community Weapon Pack brings new game play options for your favorite perks. Best of all the community modders in the IJC crew are going to be making real money from the sale of this pack – a first for the Killing Floor community.
Key Features: The Scythe: This is pretty much what you would expect. Long handle. Long blade. Good for reaping corn, wheat - or shambling monsters. A great new toy for the Berserkers amongst you - or for those with a Grim Reaper fetish. Tommy Gun: The Thompson sub-machine gun is an absolute classic of design and functionality, beloved by soldiers and gangsters for decades! A great favorite with the British Commandos in WWII that should become a firm favorite with Commandos in game too. Flare revolver: A classic wild west revolver modified to shoot fireballs! Grab two of them for twice the fun. What Firebug wouldn´t want this addition to his arsenal? Buzzsaw Bow: A crossbow modified to shoot spinning saw blades sounds insane, and it is. That´s why we gave this weapon to the Berserker. Just watch that little blade of death bounce around!