V Rising ⭐Нет Steam Guard ✔️Доступно в автономном режим

V Rising ⭐Нет Steam Guard ✔️Доступно в автономном режим
Товар в наличии
112,18 рублей*
⭐After payment, you will instantly receive a login and password from a shared STEAM account. You download online and play only offline. Offline Mode allows you to play games through Steam without having an active connection to the Steam Network.

⭐You can change between your different offline steam accounts via Big Picture Mode. Just log out on big picture mode and you can just press the picture of your other offline account to login to your other offline accounts without having to go online or write your login password every time.

⭐No steam guard on our accounts, you can login at anytime.
⭐Account is shared.
=------------ 🆉🅴🆁🆁🆈🅶🅰🅼🅴🆂-------------------- ----=
✔️ Guaranteed offline access to 🔥V Rising.
✔️ Licensed version of the game.
✔️ You save over 90% of your money.
✔️ You will be able to complete a completely solo walkthrough of the game. The online functions of the game are not guaranteed/may work intermittently.
✔️ Language in the game: Russian, English and others.
✔️ Ability to independently download updates/patches.
✔️ You will have a fresh, up-to-date version of the game.
✔️ Warranty from the seller within 720 days from the date of purchase.